Mérida Suggestions

What to do in Mérida, Yucatán?

This beautiful capital city is known for its traditions, culture, and human quality, bringing its past and present together in an incredible way. You can enjoy wandering around the city, museums, regional entertainment, art exhibits, handcrafts, music, and the characteristic flavors of its regional, national, and international cuisine.

Here is a list of the MUSEUMS you can find in this wonderful city:

* Gran Museo Maya

mundo-mayaRich in Maya cultural and traditional heritage, El Gran Museo del Mundo Maya is an open passage which will take you by the hand on a tour full of mysticism and knowledge of the Millenium and modern Maya world.

* Museo Regional de Yucatán

palacio_canton_2The museum has an incredible scope of permanent exhibits relating to Yucatán’s Maya history. The environment and pre-hispanic history are displayed, including pieces from the Pre-ceramic era dating to 2800 BC. There are descriptions of cenotes and displays of conch shells from the coast. The sculpture hall includes elements found at various archaeological sites. The building is an icon on Paseo de Montejo, and its majestically carved white marble staircase is stunning.

* Museo de la Ciudad de Mérida

museoThe cultural heritage that is housed in the beautiful and majestic Ex-Federal Post Office palace shows the historical development of the city of Mérida.

* Museo MACAY

gimg_c9ca8dd2dd9e443ae26ba2840965c761The MUSEO FERNANDO GARCÍA PONCE MACAY, better known as MACAY, is the only museum dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of modern and contemporary art in the entire Yucatán peninsula. MACAY’s mission is to promote the diffusion and knowledge of national and international modern and contemporary art.

* Museo Casa de Montejo

casa-montejo-2La Casa de Montejo, built between 1542 and 1549 by the orders of Don Francisco de Montejo, conqueror of the Yucatán peninsula, is one of the very few examples of civil construction on the American continent in the Renaissance style known as Plateresque. It is one of the five Casas Señoriales Banamex, offered to the public by the National Bank of México: historical-cultural spaces that they have contributed to the cultural, social, ecological and educational development of our country.

* Casa Museo Montes Molina

casa-museo-montes-molinaThe Quinta Montes Molina, once known as Villa Beatriz, was built during the Porfirio Díaz period (1876 – 1911.) This is the perfect opportunity to see the inside of an elegant, authentic, fully and beautifully furnished Paseo Montejo mansion, with the original chandeliers, mirrors, antique furnishings, rugs, paintings, statues and sculptures, Limoge china and Chiristofle silverware.


The variety of good restaurants and bars is numerous in Méridas Downtown. Here is what we suggest:

* La Chaya Maya
Typical yucatecan food.

* Pancho’s Patio Bar
More traditional Yucatecan dishes with a contemporary twist.

* 100 Natural
Vegetarian food.

* Hennessy’s
Irish Pub

* McCarthy’s
Irish Pub

* La Bierhaus
German Pub