The accommodation is an essential part of a student’s stay with us. It not only complements the students’ learning experience but also affects the students’ ability to study and improve the Spanish language. We know that our students have different accommodation preferences and do therefore provide a range of different accommodation options. With a large number of selected host families, a variety of self-catering apartments as well as a good selection of hotels, guest houses and hostels all within walking distance of our schools, we offer a choice of accommodation options for all kind of needs.


We always suggest that our students stay with a Mexican family. Because living with a local Spanish speaking family is a great opportunity to experience the Mexican way of life and an excellent way to practice the newly gained Spanish skills in a natural environment. Our host families are upper-middle class families located in good and safe neighborhoods within easy reach of the school (between 10 to 25 minutes walking). All have been carefully chosen and are regularly inspected to ensure a safe, clean, comfortable and friendly environment. Each student will have his own room and receive three meals a day.

Private Apartment

A private apartment is a great way for students to live an independent lifestyle while learning Spanish in4 Mérida. Students have the privacy of their own space and the opportunity to cook their own meals. Our private apartments offer a comfortable accommodation within walking distance of the school. Although configurations vary, most apartments include at least one bedroom, a living room area, a kitchen area, and a bathroom. They are cleaned weekly.


We can also arrange for you to stay in a hotel or hostel if you prefer. There is a wide range of places to stay in Mérida, from basic hostels to very upmarket Boutique Hotels. Please contact us for more information.